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Welcome to your smile factory

We can make sure you have the best smile in the room and in the world.

Our personnel is trained and familiar with all the methods possible you can use and need to make your smile as you have always wanted. It is more complex than the eye can see and we believe you will need to learn a few things about getting the things natural and perfect every single time.

Smile is something that makes us special. There are no two same or even similar smiles and you can see this if you take a look at celebrities. Many will say that their smiles make them as famous as you can imagine and they will continue to use this trick. Now you can be even better than they!

Of course, a perfect smile needs a nice and suitable hairstyle and nails. Add makeup and you can get a complete idea. That’s why we offer you a full deal where you will get all the things you need. Better said, we have all the ingredients ready for you. All you have to do is to take them and you are ready to look fabulous.

  • Complete nail process
  • Make your smile look better than ever before
  • Your hair will impress all the people around you
  • Complete process ready for you at any given moment

We are professionals and we love it

We are here to make you look precisely as you like and want every single time. That’s why we have invested hours and hours into making you a happy person and making you look spectacular. There are thousands of women who got their perfect smile with our help and we can only hope that you are the next client. We will give our best so you can look even better. It is actually easier than it sounds when you work with professionals though.

There are no limits whatsoever. We guarantee you that your smile and your look will be spectacular every single time and it will make you have so much better opinion about yourself. This is just half of the story. In reality, we can make you look as great as possible within minutes. Relax and enjoy the process.

Best products

We use only the best and the safest products for all our clients. There is no other way possible.

Hair that stands out

Our hairstylist can make your hair stand out and look better than ever before.


Want your nails like a celebrity? Come to use.


We are always here for you and we will stay available when you need us the most.


Learn the tricks of the business and how you can look even better.

Meet our team

meet our professionals

Betty L Gross


She is still the main stylist and a person who makes all this possible.

Linda C Gonzalez


This is a woman who will make your hair precisely as you like and need every time.

Cathy A Rucks

Nail stylist

She has been working with celebrities from Hollywood so she knows all you want.

Filomena P Miller

Makeup artist

Yes, we can make sure your face looks excellent. Learn how and why.

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